The Reasons Why We Love AAA Mastercard

AAA Dollar Mastercard is a convenient credit card from ACF Card Services. In the market, it’s famous as AAA card and features two varieties – the standard AAA and the more prestigious AAA Dollars Plus Mastercard that offers additional benefits. The US Bank issues it.

The card allows you to shop, fuel, travel, get roadside assistance, and dine in all major outlets. It’s also accepted in many chemists and retail stores.

There are two options of the card – the AAA Dollars World Mastercard and the AAA Dollars Platinum Mastercard. The earlier APR charge is 14.99%, while the later’s 23.99%. This card harnesses the master card operation platform. 

The AAA Mastercard helps you to enjoy cash advance of up to 5% of your credit limit at the rate of 27.74%, as well as balance transfer of funds at a 3% charge. Again the card accepts late payment, but this feature costs you $39 while any botched payment sets you back $35.

  • How do you pay bills: Through the US Bank website (issuer) or online
  • Credit score: Requires a credit score of 660. 

AAA Mastercard Credit Card Benefits 

  • Joining is free for new members
  • No annual renewal charges on the credit card.
  • You redeem 14% reward each time you spend using the card  
  • A zero-interest-rate for 15 days payment cycle.
  • You can manage all your transaction online with the virtual support of ACG
  • The higher you spend, the more your redemption in dollar
  • 24/7 customer care dedicated service from reliable toll-free lines.
  • Free foreign transaction cost
  • You are entitled to a 3% aaa cash rewards MasterCard credit card on travels, and a 2% rebate on services your procure through participating gas stations, pharmacies and provision stores.

(if you are a hobby lobby customer then don’t forget to apply for Hobby Lobby Credit Card or Fry’s Credit card similar and no annual  fee Credit Card )

Drawback :

  • Master Card doesn’t come with an app.
  • You have to be an enrolled AAA member to apply for the card.
  • Reward points expire if not utilized within five years
  • No sign-up bonus.

What are the Application Requirements?

You must be a member of the AAA fraternity to receive the card. Further, you need the necessary detail such as SSN, name, email contact, and telephone number.

Unfortunately, it’s not available in all states, so you must check if your geographic location allows you to enroll. 

AAA Mastercard approval process and activation and application status 

  • Processing time: You apply by entering your SSN and name on the application, which takes about a week.  
  • Application status: Either check the status of AAA dollars Mastercard log in an application online or through call customer care line. 

How to check balance or balance transfer?

You can check your AAA dollars MasterCard balance and transfer funds to another account online for 3%. 

How to increase the credit limit?

Your credit performance is monitored continuously for reviews. You can verify your credit limit charges by calling Customer care round the clock.   

Credit card reader 

doesn’t accept a card reader functions.

Customer service?

Should you need any assistance, simply contact AAA Dollars plus Mastercard customer care through 1-866-665-3581 round the clock or contact the US Bank (issuer).  

How to cancel AAA Mastercard / closing the Account?

Your Master Card is valid for five years from the issue date. But you can access the US Bank website to cancel your Card at any time. 

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