How To Have A Fantastic ABC Warehouse Credit Card With Minimal Spending.

ABC Warehouse is a retail appliance and electronics store chain all over the United States. ABC Warehouse Credit Card helps you with purchasing Televisions, Laundry, HDTV, Furniture, Refrigeration, and many other appliances for your home under various discounts and offers. (Fry’s Credit card can be used for the Electronics purchases )

Moreover, Synchrony Financial is the provider of the ABC Warehouse credit card. Initially, the bank started its operations in 1932. Except for credit card, the Synchrony provides promotional financing, loyalty programs, and FDIC insured programs.

Furthermore, the credit card is a store card that does not carry any global networks such as Visa, Amex, and MasterCard.

ABC Warehouse Credit Card Rates & Fees

  • Purchase APR (Variable APR) is starting at 29.99%.
  • $0 Annual Fee.
  • No Balance Transfer APR.
  • The late Fee amount is $38.


The first thing to remember is, you should be a resident in the United States to apply for the card. The next requirement is, you must possess a valid identity card and a valid Social Security Number. According to reviews of the ABC Warehouse credit card, your credit score must be 630. Finally, your age should be 18 years old to apply for the credit card.

ABC Warehouse Credit Card Benefits

  • High-Security:

The bank is providing a high-security option to protect your credit card. Due to that, there is little chance of theft, fraud, or security breach. All your information in the credit card is guarding with encryption procedures. So, please do not worry about the card since it is highly secured and can be used only at ABC Warehouse.

  • Special Financing Options:

You are eligible to receive 18 months of special financing when you shop with your credit card. Additionally, on GE Appliance purchases, you will receive 15 months of special financing. Under Cozzia massage, you get 36 months of special financing. Not only that but also, for Tempur-Pedic Mattress, the special funding option is 60 months. Not to mention, if your total purchase on mattresses and furniture exceeds $697, another two-year financing option is in your hand.


  • High-Interest Rates:

Almost 30% is not a normal interest that can hold by every customer in the ABC Warehouse. Because of that, many people must be ignored to get a card because of the higher interest rate. Not just the Purchase APR, the penalty fee is also at a higher level. If you do not pay the due amount before the billing date, you should pay a higher penalty as well.

  • Limited Scope:

As mentioned earlier, the credit card only usable at ABC Warehouse stores. Do not think for a second, that you will earn all those benefits under another roof except the ABC Warehouse chain. You will not get a single penny of discounts in other stores. Another way of limiting the score is by restricting foreign usage. Think you went abroad. The card is useless if you are not inside the United States anymore.

Approval on the Application

The accuracy of the application is a crucial condition of getting approval. It is important to realize that sending correct information while applying for the ABC Warehouse credit card. You may need, personal information, income details, employment information as well as contact details to complete the process. Through the Synchrony Financials website, you will find the application. Especially, the application status also can review by the same website mentioned earlier.

Later on, from your Credit Card account, you can check your credit balance online. Unfortunately, the balance transfer option is not available on the card at the moment. Anyway, through the ABC Warehouse credit card login, you can process ABC Warehouse credit card payments online, without hardships.

Customer Service

1-866-396-8254 is the card support number of the ABC Warehouse. For any concerns including increasing your credit limit, please contact a customer service agent for more information.

To cancel your credit card, you should contact the bank and inform the requirement. You should settle all your outstanding balances before closing the account.

Does the Credit Card suit you?

Maybe you just finished building your own house. By ABC Warehouse credit card, you are capable of purchasing all the appliances for your house under various financing options. But if you do not regularly visit the store, do you still think this is the card for you? Think twice before applying for the card.