Why Is Everyone Talking About Amazon Credit Builder Card?

You certainly deserve an Amazon Credit builder card for your online transaction. It’s issued by the largest online retailer – Amazon Web Services. Synchrony bank services the card. 

The card gives you access to fabulous discounts on virtually all merchandise on the Amazon market place. Further, it facilitates faster delivery of orders, anywhere in the world.

This Amazon card is both a retail and a secured credit card. The Amazon credit builder deposit starts as low as $100 and grows your credit significantly as you continue using it. The card features the following: 

  • Growing security deposits
  • No annual fees
  • Special financing options
  • Online redemption of credits on checkout
  • Reports to three CRBs 
  • Allows late payment of accounts
  •  Accepts foreign purchases
  • Online card and account management

Amazon Credit Builder Card pros

  • Signup bonus of $10
  • Accepts low starting deposit of $100 to $1,000
  • No expiry of points 
  • 5% discount for Amazon prime members
  • Quick and easy qualification
  • Simplified financing plan
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Card fraud liability protection


  • Requires funds deposits
  • Late payment fees of $38
  • High APR of 27.99%
  • Not applicable for whole foods purchase
  • Card restricted to Amazon marketplace only

What are the Amazon Credit Builder Card application requirements?

To secure a card, log into Synchrony Bank online account and make an Amazon credit builder card application for free. Record your names, phone number, date of birth, and location to complete this process.    

Credit card approval process and activation and application status 

  • Processing time: It takes about ten days to receive your new card. 
  • Application status: Perform your Amazon credit builder card login to view your application online. You may also call Synchrony Bank for an update. 

How to check balance or balance transfer?

You can transfer a balance from your checking account or money order to Synchrony Bank under your builder card. Howeveryou can check your balance using the Amazon app. 

How to increase the credit limit? 

The Amazon Credit builder card provides you with a perfect opportunity to increase your credit. The card offers a credit line equal to the security deposit in your card. If you pay off your monthly installments or bills by the due date, you enhance your credit history. You should hence strive to increase your security to build your credit limit quickly.  

Amazon card reports your transactions to three credit reference bureaus, so you enhance your credit scores. Further, these CRBs revise your credit limit upwards after flawless seven payment cycles.  

Credit card reader: The card doesn’t come with a security chip. Thus it’s not compatible with any card reader. 

Customer service?

Synchrony Bank customer care supports all your needs regarding funding your card, financing large purchases, and other  issues. You can call then toll free on 1-855-597-4893. But ail them for non-urgent issues.  

How to cancel/closing the credit card?

Closing your account is easy. Pay all you balance and close your account via the amazon credit card builder portal on your devices, then click on “shop with point account management,” then click on “Disable” next to the registered account. You receive your security deposit check by mail.  recommended credit cards: ducks unlimited credit card , edward jones creditcard

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