Truth About Barnes and Noble Credit Card The Is About To Be Revealed [ 2020 ]

Barnes and Noble Credit Card is also one of the popular products by the Barclays Bank Delaware. The card is mainly focusing on shopping & travel lovers. If you are one of them, Barnes and Noble Credit is a good choice. Not only that, but also, the cardholders will be able to enjoy the MasterCard benefits along with the card.

Moreover, Barclays Bank Delaware, located in Wilmington, United States. Barclays has customers and clients across 40 countries.

Initially, they started their operations in 1690. And also, they have partnerships with retail, affinity institutions, travel as well as entertainment parties in the United States.

They launched their first credit card in 1966. In addition to that, they introduced the world’s first automatic teller machine in 1967. Later, in 2005 Barclays acquired Juniper Bank and created Barclaycard US.

Barnes and Noble Credit Card Rates and Fees

  • The annual fee is zero—no need to waste money on that.
  • The Annual Percentage Rate for purchases is 13.99% to 24.9% (and it will be varying due to customer’s worthiness as well as the market prime rate.)
  • The Annual Percentage Rate for Balance Transfers is 0% for the first fifteen billing circles. After that period above mentioned, the regular APR will be applicable.
  • The effective Annual Percentage Rate for cash advances would be 25.24%
  • There is a minimum Interest charge. The amount is $0.50.
  • The Balance Transfer Fee is either $5 or 3% of each transfer.
  • The Cash Advance fee is either $10 or 5%.
  • The Foreign Transaction Fee is 3% of each transaction.  

Blair Credit Card and Hobby Lobby Credit Card are also the most popular store credit card that you can consider to apply.


Only the residents in the United States will be eligible to apply for the card. Not only that but also the applicant should possess a valid identity card with a valid Social Security Number. The next requirement is the minimum age limit is 18 years. The required credit score is 670.


  • After your first purchase from the card, you will be able to earn a $25 Barnes & Noble Gift Card.
  • You are eligible to get a 5% cashback on all Barnes & Noble purchases, whether online or store.
  • Another benefit is 2× points for every $1you spent at the restaurant except Barnes and Noble Café purchases.
  • For every other purchase except Barnes and Noble Café, purchases will receive 1× points for $1.
  • Every 2,500 points, you are eligible to receive a $25 Barnes and Noble Gift Card.
  • If the cardholder completed purchases worth $7,500 per year will earn 12 months of Barnes and Noble Membership.
  • You will not be responsible for unauthorized purchases from the card.


  • Until completing 2,500 points of rewards, you will not be able to touch the points.
  • The point-earning level is lower as no-annual-fee cash back credit cards.
  • A less sigh-up bonus is available. That is $25.
  • 3% of the foreign transfer fee will discourage international transactions and spending.


How to apply for the Barnes and Noble Credit Card?

The online application for the credit card is available at the official website. First, the applicant must enter personal information, income, and employment details. By signing terms and conditions, the application will be ready for submission. The process status of your application can check by calling +1-877-523-0478 and +1-888-232-0780. 

Besides, the Balance check and the balance transfers are possible with the personal online login. After six months of having the credit card, you are eligible to request an increase in the credit limit. Unfortunately, the Credit card reader facility is not available for the Barnes and Noble Credit Card.

Customer Service

Interested parties can contact the customer service department if any clarification is required. The number is as below.

  • 1-800-843-2665

The customer service is available on Monday-Friday from 8 am to 11 pm. On Saturday and Sunday, from 9 am to 11 pm.

How to Cancel?

By calling 866-896-5547, the cardholder can cancel his/her Barnes & Nobel Credit Card. Note: Canceling a credit card will be a negative impact on your credit score.