Why Is Burkes Outlet Credit Card So Famous ?

Burkes Outlets are everywhere. The store is popular with clothing and footwear for the whole family. Besides, it stocks a vast assortment of beauty products, furnishings, kitchenware, and electronics. 

So, you are most likely to have purchase items from one of these chains. And in case you didn’t know, the outlet also provides their store-specific Burkes Outlet credit card. Thus, if you like the store, you may wonder whether the card is suitable for you.

The card is issued and managed partly by Comenity Bank. The bank also processes queries regarding payments, balances, and card operations. Below are some of the features of the card: 

  • Variable APR
  • Grace credit payment – 25 days
  • Online shopping
  • Visa affiliation

 Allows late payment

Burke Outlet Credit Card Credit Card Pros

  • No annual fees
  • Convenient shopping and discounts 
  • Credit interest-free period of 25 days
  •  Secure online payment anytime via prism mobile app
  • 15% discounts for the elderly on Mondays
  • Promotions and offers exclusive to cardholders


  • No sign-up bonus
  • Doesn’t report to credit bureaus
  • High variable APR of 26.99%
  • Late payment fee of $38
  • No cash advance 

What are the credit card application requirements?

To secure a card,. You should fill in your details for the Burkes Outlet credit card application purpose. These including names, gender, phone, age, and physical address.   

Credit card approval process and activation and application status 

  • Processing time: It takes about two weeks to receive your new card. 
  • Application status: Follow up your Burkes Outlet credit card application by calling 866-308-0681. 

How to check balance or balance transfer?

The Burkes Outlet credit card login offers you a chance to view your balance. You can also transfer your balance from other cards by calling the Comenity Bank support team. Additionally, you can download the Prism app to check your balance and transfer any points online.   

How to increase the credit limit? 

The Burkes Outlet credit card payment is primarily for retail shopping at its outlets. It only gives discounts but doesn’t report to CRBs. Thus it can’t assist in improving your credit limit. But the more you use it, the more points and discounts you earn. 

Since the card isn’t linked to any credit reference bureaus, it doesn’t report your transactions. As such, it does not help enhance your credit scores. 

Credit card reader: The card does not have any chip. Hence isn’t compatible with a card reader. 

Customer service?

You can resolve your Burkes Outlet credit card queries through a call, visit, or email. Call the toll-free number 1-800-695-1788. Email them via or visit any of the more than four hundred Burkes outlets stores spread within the thirteen states for assistance.  

How to cancel/closing the credit card?

Use your Burkes Outlet credit card login features to end the use of the card. You can also walk into one of the stores and talk to the customer care staff who will help you to surrender your card. Lastly, you can also contact customer care lines with the same request.  recommended fashion  credit cards  fashion bug credit card , Haband credit card