How Cato Credit Card Can Ease Your Pain.

I would not say Cato credit card is a customized product for women. Because men got the advantage to impress women. Anyway, for both reasons, Cato is a good choice. Especially, you can buy ladies’ dresses, accessories, shoes, and more other products from Cato, It’s Fashion, or, using the Cato store credit card.

Moreover, Cedar Hill National Bank is the provider of the card. Initially, the bank started operations in 1998 under the Cato Corporation. Not to mention, the bank does not accept deposits but specialized in credit cards.(fashion related credit card fashion bug credit card )

Furthermore, the Cato Fashions credit card does not hold Visa, MasterCard, or Amex signatures. Due to those reasons, you will be able to use the card in accepted stores and online portals.

Cato Credit Card Rates & Fees

  • The Annual Fee for the card is zero.
  • The regular Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 22.9%.
  • The Grace Period is 28 days.
  • No purchase Intro APR is available for the card.
  • The minimum interest charge is $1.
  • The Penalty fee for the late payments is up to $20.
  • The penalty fee for the returned payments is applicable up to $25.
  • No foreign transaction fee is available for the card.


Most importantly, the bank did not mention a FICO score for the Cato credit card. Besides, you must hold a valid identity card and a valid Social Security Number. In the meantime, you should be at least 18 years old. Not to mention, you must be a resident in the United States to apply for the Cato credit card.


  • No need to worry about the Annual Fee.
  • No fund charges applicable if you pay balances before the billing date.
  • No minimum credit score is to apply for the card.
  • You can make payments through the phone.
  • Personal access to your account balance, available credit, as well as for the payment details.
  • New updates on the fashions will forward to your phone.


  • The biggest disadvantage is, the Cato card does not have a connection with other networks. Such as Amex, Visa, or MasterCard.
  • You will be able to use the card in limited places.
  • No-Intro APR is available for the cardholders.
  • You are not capable of receiving a sign-up bonus.
  • Foreign transactions are impossible through the Cato credit card.
  • The Advance Payment option is not available for the cardholders.

Tips for the Approval on your Cato Credit Card Application

Through the official website of the Cato Fashions, you may apply for a Cato credit card online. You must fill the application by entering the personal information, mailing address, contact information, employment history, and income information. You may apply after accepting the terms and conditions. Application status and the processing time is also available on the official website for your reference. Or else, by giving a call to the customer service, you can review the status of the application. Additionally, within 7-14 days, the bank will get back to you with a response to your application.

Unfortunately, no balance transfers are possible from the credit card. After gaining online access to your account, you will get the opportunity to process Cato credit card payments through the Cato credit card loginAnother way is, by calling the customer service, you are capable of processing your payments. The number for customer service is 1-877-557-3526. Another point to remember is, you must contact customer service to increase your credit limit on the card.

How to Cancel?

You must send a written request to the bank to close your credit card account. The address you should write is, CHNB, PO Box 34216, Charlotte, NC 28234. Please make sure to settle all the due amounts of your card before canceling it.

Is Cato Credit Card the best choice for you?

I would love to recommend the card to the loyal members of the Cato Fashion. Since it offers are limited to the Cato stores, the card suits for the usual shoppers. And also, since the card does not collaborate with international networks, the foreign usage of the card is at a lower level.

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