This Is Why DICKS Credit Card Is So Famous!

If you are into exercises and sports, then you undoubtedly need matching attire. And what better place to get you sporting accessories and gears than Dicks? You have a whole range of footwear, sports gear, equipment, and clothing from all top sports brands. Apart from the wide selection available, you get quality at reasonable prices. But there is even a better way to clinch more merchandise for less. Simply secure a DICK’S credit card.

The card affords you the latest mobile technology to access over 730 stores virtually. Synchrony Bank, which has the financial strength and card servicing know-how, services this card.

Application and approval of the card are easy. You stand to secure either the Dicks Rewards credit card or the more superior DICK’S Mastercard, depending on your credit rating. But either of these cards opens doors to fabulous rewards and promotions.

So what features do you expect from the DICK’S sporting goods credit card? And what other benefits would you derive from using it? We look in details as below:

  • No annual fee
  • Applicable only with store
  • Serviced by Synchrony Bank
  • Attractive in-store discounts reaching 6.6%
  • Accumulates points

Credit Card Benefits

  • Offer two points for each dollar spent
  • Converts 300 points into $10
  • Gives three points for every dollar spent at the store
  • Accepts cashback options (4%) and foreign currency purchases (3%)
  • Special financing
  • Eligible for fabulous savings and promotions
  • Earn points in out-of-store purchases (1 point/$3)
  • Facilitates faster checkout
  • Intro reward of 10% on first card use
  • Promotional financing scheme


  • Rewards redeemable in person at DICK’S Sporting Goods stores
  • Can’t make DICK’S credit card login online purchases
  • No intro APR
  • High regular APR rate of 27.74%
  • The card can’t be used for other expenses
  • Rewards can’t be redeemed on all items/brands

What are the credit card application requirements?

You can visit DICK’S Sporting Goods, Golf Galaxy, or Field & Stream stores to apply for your DICK’s credit card. Also, you can send a text with the word “APPLY” at 51801 to link up with customer care. You will fill in your personal details to complete the DICK’S credit card apply process and wait for the card approval.

Credit card approval process and activation and application status 

  • Processing time: The processing takes a few minutes, but then you require about two weeks to secure your card.
  • Application status: You can call 1-800-440-4002 to verify your DICK’S credit card application status.


How to check balance or balance transfer?

You can pay DICK’S credit card balance using the mobile app or via a telephone call.

How to increase the credit limit? 

To qualify for a higher DICK’S sporting goods credit card payment limit, keep spending more to earn more points. And since your transactions register at CRBs. Your credit history is reviewed for a higher credit limit.

Credit card reader: The card isn’t compatible with card readers.

Customer service?

DICK’S sporting goods synchrony maintains a 24/7 customer care line. You can call them on 1-877-846-9967 or 1-800-440-4002 or live chat with them using the mobile app. You can also send an email or perform self-help by logging into Diks sporting credit card

How to cancel the credit card?

Canceling the DICK’S credit card is through the customer care contacts. Also, you may deposit your card at any Dicks Sporting Goods store. (if you’re looking for more sport relating credit cards  mission lane card , modells credit card are our recommendation  )

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