Emblem Credit Card : Best lowest Interest Credit Card

Emblem Credit Card is one of the leading products in the Monterey County Bank. One of the main usages of the Emblem card is paying for any kind of service charge in an emergency base. Not to mention, the card is holding the MasterCard signature along with the benefits.

Monterey County Bank serves its customers in California. Initially, they started their operations in 1976. The current Chief Financial Officer is Charles T Chrietzberg.

The parent organization of the bank is Northern California Bancorp Incorporation. Furthermore, the product offerings are Outside Merchant Credit Card Services, Debit Cards, Commercial Lending Products, etc. 

Emblem Credit Card Rates and Fees

  • The Annual Percentage Rate for Purchases by 19.9%. , Special Balance Transfer is 0% and Cash Advances is 21.99%.
  • 21.99% is the Annual Percentage Rate for Balance Transfers.
  • The Penalty Annual Percentage Rate applicable for Emblem is 24.99%.
  • The Minimum interest charge is $2.50.
  • For the initial year after the card issuance, the Annual Fee will be zero. After that, the annual charge is $45.
  • No Balance Transfer Fee is applicable for Emblem card.
  • The Cash Advance Fee is 5% of each advance fee or the maximum charge would be $50.
  • For Foreign Transactions, the charge applicable is 1% of each transaction. It can be an online payment or a payment done abroad.
  • The Late Payment Fee applicable up to $25.
  • The Return Payment Fee is also up to $25.


In the first place, the applicant must be a resident in the United States. In addition to that he/she should have a Social Security Number and a valid government ID.

The minimum age limit is 18 years. Unfortunately, the bank did not mention a required credit score for the card.


  • Zero Annual Fee for the first year. ( living space credit card, fry’s credit card annual fees are zero )
  • The bank allowed customers access to MyCCPay. Through the portal, the owner can control and manage all their credit card payments.
  • Emblem cards can access by anyone if the necessities can be meet with the correct account information.
  • The Bank is reporting to three credit bureaus.
  • No monthly charges are available for the card.
  • From the card, cardmembers can pay off other debts and take the balance forward.
  • The MasterCard benefits are carrying with the card.


  • Guide to discourage foreign payments because of the transfer fee.
  • A higher annual fee after the first year will be applicable.
  • Most of the Annual Percentage Rates are at a higher level.
  • There is a higher Annual Fee after the first year.

How to Apply?

Unfortunately, everyone cannot apply for an Emblem credit card. The applicant should receive an invitation from the Jefferson Capital debt collecting agency. After receiving the offer, the applicant can follow the process. The below information is requiring to fill the application.

  • Personal Details
  • Address
  • Contact Details
  • Housing information
  • Income details
  • Employment details

There is no way to check the process status of the application. However, around 2 weeks the applicant will receive feedback to his/her application.

The bank gave the facility to process Emblem credit card payments after login to the online account. Moreover, the cardholders can perform balance transfers through the credit card.

Customer Service

Surprisingly, they have a very straight forward customer service. The telephone number is 1-800-720-7178. The customer service is active on 24*7. Due to that reason, interested parties can contact them anytime.

How to Cancel?

Finally, the credit card holder should give a call to the number 1-800-720-7178, to request the cancelation. The bank is looking forward to a call.

Because they can offer another option instead of the existing card. In the meantime, make sure to settle all the outstanding balances of the credit card before canceling it.

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