Things That Make You Love And Hate Evine Credit Card [ Review ]

ShopHQ is a multi-channel video retailer. It broadcasts home shopping through cables, satellite, and television networks. The adverts and sales are handled through various channels dedicated to celebrities, marketing, and entertainment. In 2013, it rebranded to Evine after the merger with ValueVision and ShopNBC. 

However, it reverted to ShopHQ, which resonated well with its operations after two years. But it maintained its primary objectives of selling all kinds of merchandise via television.

With this change, the Evine credit card also changed its name to the SHOP HQ card. But let’s see what the former Evine credit card offers to compensate you for shopping in this television-only market place.

The first benefit is a secure and convenient online Evine credit card payment and account management platform. You can shop over the television and make an online purchase. Almost every applicant qualifies for the card since the eligibility score begins at 650, which is a below-average credit score mark.

But that is about all you get. You don’t accumulate rewards, you don’t get cashback, nor do you improve your credit history. Why? The card doesn’t report your activities to any CRB. 

However, your online transactions are still secure and backed by the highly innovative Synchrony Bank for technical assistance. Below the major components of this card: 

  • Affiliated with Visa license
  • Applicable only on SHOP HQ marketplace 
  • Retail shopping card
  • online account portal

Evine Credit Card Credit card benefits

  • No maintenance charges  Clear cache
  • Free credit report review
  • Accepts late payment
  • Quick online application
  • Insurance against card theft
  • Quick and secure online payment 


  • No inducement to transfer you balance to this card
  • Above industry variable APR of 28.99% 
  • Doesn’t pay for utilities, dining, and groceries
  • Doesn’t report to CRBs
  • No cash advance and rewards
  • No intro offers/discounts

Approval Requirement & Application

Make your Evine credit card login application via the Synchrony website. Fill in your details like names, ZIP code, phone number, email, social security number, and annual income. 

Credit card approval process and activation and application status 

  • Processing time: It takes about ten days to process your card. 
  • Application status: You can check your Evine credit card application status.    

How to check balance or balance transfer?

Just log in and pay Evine credit card credit online, check your card balance. You may contact the customer care line to verify your balance and initiate a balance transfer to your new card.    

How to increase the credit limit? 

To qualify for higher credit, keep shopping using your card. Unfortunately, you won’t update your Evine credit card credit score since it doesn’t report to any CRB. But it offers you a credit preview that also determines your credit limit increment.  

Credit card reader: The card isn’t doesn’t accept card readers.  

Customer service?

Reach Evine credit card payment service via phone calls dedicated to resolving your challenges. Call 1-800-676-5523 for help related to card billing, usage, and payment. 

How to cancel the credit card?

You can close your account by calling customer technical support at 1-866-681-2506. Also, you may initiate an Evine credit card login to submit your request on the same. 

Is Evina Credit Card Right for You?

The Evine credit card is only handy if you are a regular shopper at SHOP HQ. It facilitates a secure and fraud-free payment platform. Otherwise, there are no incentives to hold on this card.(Recommended Store Credit Card: edward jones creditcard, men’s wearhouse credit card)

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