Best Fashion Store Credit Card [Fashion Bug Credit Card]

Fashion Bug brags about a wide range of clothing fitting women of all shapes and sizes. It offered practical fashion solutions to women with exquisite attire taste. But more so, it’s probably more famous for its reasonable prices.But did you know that you could derive even more exceptional rewards with the Fashion Bug credit card by saving costs and enhance your overall shopping experience? You harness the financial strength and card-handling expertise of Comenity Bank in the process.

What does the card entitle you to? Well, you get flawless account management, 24/7 online shopping, and friendly customer care service. Get your card quickly by signing at fashion bug credit card login . Below are some features you would notice once you make the credit card application:

  • Varied and exciting offer throughout the year
  • Not affiliated with any principal card license
  • Intro $10 coupon for new accounts
  • Free home delivery of merchandise

Fashion Bug Credit Card Credit card benefits

  • Simple bills payment
  • A quick review of the previous statement
  • Secure and real-time monitoring of accounts
  • Long intro 0% APR for one and a half years
  • 0% Balance transfer APRPay credit card low variable regular APR of 13.99% to 23.99% (depending on your credit score)
  • Can be used in other outlets
  • Access to over 1,000 Fashion Bug outlets using the card


  • Don’t offer cash advance.
  • Negligible sign-up bonus
  • Don’t accept foreign currency transactions.
  • Can’t be used to pay utilities and vacationing

What are the credit card application requirements?

To complete your Fashion Bug credit card application, you should fill in your full names, date of birth, and telephone number. Other details necessary for the registration are SSN, annual income, email address, as well as zip code.

Credit card approval process and activation and application status 

  • Processing time: It takes about ten days to receive your card after application.
  • Application status: Apply for Fashion Bug credit card by dialing 1-800-767-1309 between 8 am to 9:30 pm Mondays through Saturday. They will assist with checking the card’s condition. If ready, you will be prompted to activate your new card.

How to check balance or balance transfer?

You can check your balance and transfer it through the portal. Login into the page enter your username and password to access your balance and account management features.

How to increase the credit limit? 

The card is primarily for shopping at Fashion Bug stores. It also reports transactions to Credit Reference Bureau. To continually increase your Fashion Bug credit card payment limit, creditworthiness and standing, keep paying your bills promptly as they fall due.

Credit card reader: The card doesn’t feature a card reading mechanism. Hence it can’t facilitate this function.

Customer service?

You can contact customer assistance at 1-866-866-4725. Alternatively, you can initiate the Fashion Bug credit card login to access the online customer service page to seek help in bills payment, card malfunctions, and statement corrections.

How to cancel the credit card?

You may text through the secure messaging center or call the customer care line to cancel the use of your Fashion Bug credit card. You may also visit the Fashion Bug store to consult about the account closing.

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