Why Goody’s Credit Card Had Been So Popular Till Now?

Don’t you think that fulfilling all your requirements in clothing, cosmetics, accessories, housewares, and footwear in one place? With having Goody’s credit card, you can process all the prior mentioned purchases in one place. It is a customized store card that is usable for Stage showrooms and their website.

Comenity Bank is the provider of the Goody’s Credit Card. The bank is engaging in its operations since 1989. The parent organization of the Comenity is Alliance Data. Except for credit cards, the bank provides online banking, savings accounts, and certificate deposits.

Goody’s credit card does not maintain a partnership with any global network. Such as Visa, MasterCard & Amex. However, still, the card is offering you numerous benefits and rewards depend on your purchase volume.

Goody’s Credit Card  Rates & Fees

  • $0 Annual Fee.
  • The purchase APR is 28.49%.
  • No balance transfer fee or no foreign transaction fee applies.
  • Late payment & returned payment fee is $40.

Goody’s Credit Card  Requirements

According to Goody’s credit card reviews, you must have a credit score of 580 to apply for the card. Additionally, you should have a valid identity card and a Social Security Number issued by the state. Not only that but also, your age should not less than 18 years. Most importantly, you must be a resident in the United States to apply for the card.


  • Sign-up Bonus:

You do not need to have a Goody’s credit card to have the offer. Being signing would be enough. It is a welcome coupon worth $5. You may keep it or get $5 off on a purchase. Besides, you are eligible to receive a 15% discount off all the goods you buy from the card. You must be a little cunning to grab the most of it.

  • Membership of the Style Circle Community:

Once you get a Goody’s credit card, you will receive the membership of the online forum mentioned above. Through those programs, you may earn points. For every dollar you spend on Goody’s store, 2 points will offer to your collection. And also, for all the other spending, the ratio is one spike for one dollar. Not to mention, your earnings will not expire within a year.


  • Limited Scope:

As described earlier, Goody’s credit card is a store and accepts only in Stage stores. Only regular customers can enjoy the benefits of the credit card. But it will be a massive downside towards irregular consumers. It is better to move into another traditional credit card to receive more benefits.

  • Higher cost in balance forwarding:

Good’s credit card is a better alternative if you all the relevant settlements within the billing cycle. If you could not, a higher risk is there for your future reards and earning. Apart from that, it is required to pay a higher penalty fee for every late payment. You must keep your card clean to receive all future rewards and earning in a good aspect.

Approval on the Application

The accuracy of the information included in the application is mandatory to get acceptance by the bank. Please make sure to submit precise data when you apply for the Goody’s credit card. By visiting the Comenity bank homepage, you may find the online portal to request the credit card. You will require Personal statistics and employment history to follow the process. By calling 1-866-234-2038, you can know the status of your application.

Unfortunately, you cannot process balance transfers via the Goody’s credit card login. However, the Comenity allowed processing credit card payments by sign in to the personal credit card account. 

Customer Service and the Cancelation of the card

Please call the consumer service center of the credit card by 1-866-234-2038 and ask for assistance for the closure of your card. Not to mention, the only way to escalate your credit limit is by calling the number described above.

Should you go for the card?

The best way to get the maximum benefit of the card is by visiting the Stage store and their online website frequently. If you are incapable of that, please try another alternative fo your savings. (Haband credit card, Cato Credit Card are recommended fashion-related credit card )

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