Best Fashion Credit Card to Apply [ Haband credit card Review and login]

Haband will allow you to purchase all of your clothes and accessory needs under one roof. It is a famous brand in the Consumer sector in the United States. You would feel the presence of the Haband credit card if you are a frequent shopper in Haband.

Comenity Bank is the provider of the credit card. Currently, the bank is managing more than 100 credit card programs. Comenity is working under Alliance Data as its parent organization. Even though the bank’s priority is credit cards, it provides high yields savings products and Certificates of Deposits.

Moreover, Haband will give you a wide variety, including shirts, sweaters, pants, shirts, suits, blazers, footwear, shoes & activewear. Not only that, but also, all your jewelry needs can be fulfilled inside the Haband showroom. With every product you purchase with Haband store card, several rewards and benefits are waiting for you.

Haband credit card Rates & Fees

  • $0 Annual Fee.
  • Purchase APR  (Variable APR) is up to 29.24%.
  • Returned Payment Fee & Late Fee Amount is applicable up to $39.
  • The minimum interest charge is $2.
  • No Balance Transfer APR or Purchase Intro APR Period.

Approval Odds

The most important thing to realize is, you should be a resident in the United States to apply for the credit card. Apart from that, you must possess a valid government identification card and a Social Security Number.  In the meantime, your age should not be less than 18 years. The final requirement is the credit score. It is crucial to maintain a credit score between 650 – 850 to apply for a Haband credit card.

Haband credit card Benefits

  • Online Account Management System:

You do not need to worry about your trips to the bank for paying off your settlements. Fortunately, the bank allowed you to control your account features online. Almost all the Haband credit card payments are possible with few clicks. Not to mention, all your account balance checks are also viable online.

  • Surprise rewards:

The Haband credit card will not forget about your special days and celebrations never. If your account is active, you are eligible for a Birthday gift every year. In addition to that, the card will help you to celebrate your anniversary moments in an ideal way. Furthermore, pre-excursion savings are another reward that the card is offering to their cardmembers.


  • No International collaboration:

As far as you know, Haband credit card is a store card. It does not partner with any global networks such as Amex, Visa, or MasterCard. Due to that reason, you are incapable of using the card with foreign payments. Besides, the prior mentioned networks are coming with a bundle of attached benefits. Such as rental/ vehicle insurance. But you will not entitle for the related rewards with global networks.

  • Limited Usage:

Another negative point is, the card is only usable at Haband showrooms, and you cannot use the card to settle payments anywhere else. Additionally, if you do not buy clothes or accessories too often, you will not be able to receive the maximum benefits of the card.

Requirements of the Application

By visiting the official webpage of Haband, you may apply for a Haband credit card by filling the online application. It is mandatory to supply personal details, income information, and employment history to get a credit card. After submission, you may call 1-866-482-4479 to check the processing time and application status.

As mentioned earlier, all your Haband bills can process with the Haband credit card online login portal. Unfortunately, the card does not allow you to process balance transfers. However, you can request a credit limit increase on your credit card through your online account.

Customer Service

As per the Haband credit card reviews, the customer service is an efficient and effective one when comparing with other credit cards. Please give a call to 1-866-482-4479 and receive clarifications on your issues regarding the Haband credit card.

Or else, if you want to cancel your credit card, make sure to ask assistance from a customer service agent.

Does Haband credit card suit you?

The first thing you should check is, does your preferences are going well with Haband products. If it is a yes question, you better try the card to realize its benefits. Anyway if you are living far from Haband showrooms or does not fulfill the initial requirement of the map, I highly recommend you to try another card which suits you better. (  jessica london credit card, Coldwater Creek MasterCard ,Cato Credit Card are also top-rated fashion credit cards )

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