Why Is Everyone Talking About harbor freight credit card

Harbor Freight Credit Card is offering by the Harbor Freight Tools company. If you are a Harbor Freight card member, it is easier to shop with the departmental stores. You may buy power tools, hand tools, air tools, and many more compliances under interesting offers and rewards.

Initially, Harbor Freight Tools started in 1977 as a family-owned business. Currently, around 2,000 employees are working in the company. Power tools, hand tools, automotive, greenhouses, trimmers, and movers are some of their products available in the market. Moreover, they expanded the business into the online level. You got the ability to order their products from Amazon, to anywhere in the world.

However, Harbor credit card does not collaborate with Visa / MasterCard or any other networks. Due to that reason, you may only use the card in limited places.

Harbor Freight Credit Card Rates and Fees

  • No annual fee applies to the card.
  • 0% of interests will be applicable for equal monthly payments.
  • The Variable Annual Percentage Rate for new accounts is 25.99%.
  • The minimum interest charge is $2.


No clear requirements are available for the card at the moment. As per the customer feedbacks, regular customers of the Harbor Freight can apply for a card.


  • The minimum loan charge of the Oak Harbor Freight Lines Incorporation is $10. If the summation exceeds, the final charge would be 3$.
  • A 20% discount on transportation is available.
  • You can get off up to $200 from Harbor Cargo apparatuses.
  • Gift cards are available, and the maximum limit will be $500.
  • You may earn 5 reward points to every dollar you spent on Harbor Freight tools.
  • You will receive $5 for every 500 points that you earned.
  • Fraud protection is coming along with the card.


  • Unable to use the card in every store of the retail chain.
  • There will not be offers for every item when you need them. 

How to Apply?

If you need to have a Harbor Freight Credit card, first you should register in the web portal. After creating your account, please select the card you need. The next step is the application page. If you click on the provided link, you should be able to see the application. Before you fill the application, you should take a printout of it and then fill it. After rechecking the application, you need to mail it to the below-mentioned address/ fax to the number mentioned below.

  • Address – P.O. Box 1469, Auburn, WA 98071
  • Fax – (253) 288-8350

You must wait until the letter from the Oak Harbor Freight Lines Incorporation regarding the credit card.

Surprisingly, you have the opportunity to manage your credit card account online. Not only that but also, you will be able to process your bill payments online. In addition to that, please call the customer service to collect information about the increments of the credit limit.

Customer Service

By giving a simple call to the number mentioned below, you are capable of solving most of your problems regarding the credit card and the process. The customer service is available from Monday to Sunday, from 6 am to 6 pm.

  • 1-800-444-3353

How to Cancel?

The first thing you should do is give a call to Customer Service. They will guide you on how to process the cancellation of the cards. As the first step, they will look into your outstanding balance. If there is any, you should settle them before canceling the card. Our Recommended store credit cards are  frys credit card, Blair credit card, Edward jones credit card 


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