Truth About Credit Card Horizon Gold Credit Card

Obtaining an unsecured credit card if you have a low credit score is difficult. Fortunately, you can now get the horizon gold credit card, without the embarrassing credit reference checks.

This card is unsecured and allows you to shop online, even if you are currently unemployed and have no regular earnings. It affords you an initial credit line of up to $ 500. And if you use the card well, you progressively repair your non-existent, low or damaged credit rating, while also increasing your credit limit.

So if your previous credit card application was declined due to the above drawbacks, you might as well seize the golden chance this card offers. If you enjoy shopping online, then you may visit the horizon gold credit card store.

You get assorted apparel, toys, furnishing, and toys in the store. But the card charges for joining or monthly maintenance.

This doesn’t mean that you will reap great rewards from the card. So, what is the horizon gold credit card? Here are its features:

  • High card maintenance fees ($24.99 charged monthly)
  • Online store purchase card
  • 24/7 online shopping
  • Unsecured credit card
  • Accepts late payment

Horizon Gold Credit Card Credit card Benefits

  • Accepts low credit rating
  • Applicable at the online horizon stores
  • No credit background checks
  • Free features such as roadside assistance, legal assistance, medical purchase and fraud protection
  • Easy application
  • 0% APR


  • Accepted only by horizon online store  
  • Can’t make other forms of payment such as car rental, dining, or utility payment
  • No horizon gold credit cash advance
  • Offers no rewards or points when shopping 
  • Hidden charges – $2.50 for delivery signature verification, $2 for hoe delivery services, $5 accounts validation fees 

Can you use a horizon gold credit card anywhere? you cant use

What are the Horizon Gold Credit Card application requirements?

You wouldn’t undergo the horizon gold credit card review to apply for the card. Just fill in your details online using the horizon website. They will need your names, DoB, SSN, and ZIP address.   

Credit card approval process and activation and application status 

Processing time: You need about two weeks to secure your card after your application. Application status: You can check your Horizon Gold credit card status by calling the customer care line, or live chat during the day from 9 am to 9 pm.

How to check balance or balance transfer?

You can check your horizon credit card balance online using the login PIN. Or, you can contact the customer care.   

How to increase the credit limit? 

You increase your horizon gold credit card limit by using the card prudently. It reports to CRBs while also offers you a free credit statement. Timely repayment for the next three months qualifies you for a higher credit limit.  

Credit card reader: The card does not have an EMV chip necessary to facilitate credit card reading.   

Customer service?

You may wonder how to get a horizon gold credit card catalog items. Call the customer care staff will assist you from the day you receive your card. Just dial 1-800-251-6144 and request for assistance on how to activate your card. They will take you through the step.     

How to cancel the credit card?

You can cancel your horizon gold credit card by calling the customer care service at the Horizon Card Services for assistance futuniture realted credit cards living spaces credit card, ABC Warehouse Credit Card  best store credit card men’s wearhouse credit card

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