Why Is JCPenney MasterCard So Famous?

JCPenney MasterCard is another product from the Synchrony Bank. If you hold on to a JCPenney card, it can use anywhere, the MasterCards are accepted. You may enjoy cost-saving options while shopping in JCPenney stores.

Moreover, Synchrony Bank is a well-reputed leading financial institute. The Headquarters Branch located in Utah, United States. Not to mention, Asset Management Arm, Synchrony Lending Inc., Ralfi SA, Cash Works, Incorporation are some of the subsidiaries owned by the bank.

Furthermore, if you are planning to proceed with larger acquisitions such as cushions, furnishings, and major devices, JCPenney MasterCard is offering special funding offers for you. Not only that but also, the card will help you to reconstruct your credit history.

JCPenney MasterCard Rates & Fees

  • The Annual Fee for the MasterCard is zero.(Similar zero annual fee credit cards hsbc cash rewards MasterCard , rci credit card , reward zone MasterCard)
  • The annual Percentage Rate for the purchases is 22.74%. The rate will vary due to the Prime Rate.
  • For Cash Advances, the Annual Percentage Rate is 22.74%.
  • The minimum interest charge is $2.
  • The Cash Advance Transaction Fee is $10 or 5% of the advance amount, whichever is greater.
  • The Foreign Transaction fee is 3% of the transaction amount.
  • The penalty fee for the late payments is applicable up to $38.


The applicant must be a resident in the United States. In the meantime, you should possess a valid identity card and a valid Social Security Number. The minimum age requiring is 18 years. Finally, the required credit score must be 640 or greater than that.

JCPenney MasterCard Benefits

  • Special financing options are available for the cardholders.
  • MasterCard network benefits are coming along with the credit card.
  • For the big purchases at the JCP store, you will get 10%-20% discounts.
  • No annual fee applies to the card.
  • For every 200 points, a $10 benefit certificate will offer to the customers.
  • You can manage your card online.
  • You can schedule your payments.
  • Custom-made signals are available for the JCPenney MasterCard.
  • You have the ability to elect for a unique birthday offer.


  • Most of the Rewards are only available at JCP stores.
  • Less information is available online for interested parties.
  • Higher interest rates apply to purchases.
  • No-Intro APR period is available for the cardholders.
  • The foreign transaction fee will discourage international payments.
  • A higher credit score is requiring to apply for the card.

How to Apply?

The most important thing is, you cannot apply for a JCPenney MasterCard directly. First, you should apply for a JCPenney credit card. By the time passes by, it will upgrade into a MasterCard. Due to that reason, you should have a normal JCPenney credit card first. By visiting the official website of the JCPenney credit card, you will be able to find the application. After that, you must provide personal information, annual income, employment history as well as the housing information.

You can submit the application by accepting the terms and conditions. It will take 7-10 business days to receive feedback from the bank. Otherwise, please contact, JCPenney Credit Services for more information.

Additionally, through the online account management service, you may check the account balance online. Not only that but also, processing the balance transfers also possible online. Additionally, you will be able to do the credit card payments as well as bill payments through the JCPenney MasterCard login.

Apart from that, you have the ability to request a credit limit increase through your online login or, by contacting the customer service.

Customer Service

1.800.542.0800 is the customer service number for JCPenney Credit Services. You may solve the problems in relevance to the JCPenney credit cards. Or else you can send written requires to the company. Another way is to log in to the JCPenney Online Credit Center and informs your concerns.

When you lost the card…

If you lost the card you should report immediately to the JCPenney Credit Services by1-800-527-4403. After that, they will disconnect the card and provide you with a new card.

How to Cancel?

You may cancel the credit card anytime you want. By calling the customer service number, you will receive the steps to follow. The most important thing is all the outstanding balances of the credit card must be zero at the moment.

Tips for new joiners

It will be a lot more comfortable if the promotions are in your hand on time. The only thing you have to do is register for JCPenney Text Alerts and Emails by providing your phone number and email address.

You may purchase discounted gift cards and save money.

It will be good if you keep track of your credit card. By maintaining the card well, you will be eligible for the MasterCard upgrade.

It is better to have the upgraded version because the bank included new facilities for the MasterCard. 

Customer Reviews

Some customers have the experience that, their JCPenney credit card turned into a MasterCard automatically. They are pretty excited about the sudden offer from the Synchrony bank. However, some other people complained that their cards got canceled due to non-use.

Besides, the majority is out there without receiving any upgrade. The reason might be the selection process of the banks. 

Not to mention, fewer peoples complained about the loss of rewards after upgrading to the MasterCard version. I assume the reason as the lower credit line.

Unfortunately, even if your card turned in to a MasterCard, some reviewers are still suggesting other options for you. Because of the higher APR as well as the fewer rewards level.  

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