The Reasons Why Bad Credit Score People Love Matrix Credit Card [ Review | login ]

The Continental Finance Company is a large credit card servicer. It issues and operates the Matrix Mastercard credit card. The Bank of Missouri wholly owns it. Their strategies entail including innovating features in their services for the benefits of their customers.

The matrix credit card is ideal for shopping, fueling, and travel. It’s attractive to people with low credit scores who desire to improve their credit. (if you are a student and want to improve your credit history then apply for How Wells Fargo College Credit Card, also you can rebuild your credit store using FIT Mastercard)

It offers real credit with 25 days to make payments on your purchases before it imposes any interest on your bill.

While the matrix credit card does not offer any signup bonus, it also doesn’t charge you on the application and credit card setup. Unfortunately, it has a higher-than-average annual purchase rate. You can use your master card in any country in the world where Mastercard is accepted. You can get all master card benefits.

 The card features the following: 

  • It does not offer rewards and cashback
  • There is no introductory APR
  • Late payment penalties of $37 apply
  • High APR of 30.49%
  • Returned payment fee of $37 levied
  • How to do the bills payment or settlement: Payment of bills is easy and quick. You can check your Continental Finance Matrix unsecured credit card online payment for free.
  • Credit score: Reports on your credit history to three major CRBs.
  • Amex, visa or master card availability: It affiliates with Mastercard, thus allows for extensive usage.(contact bank for more)

Matrix Credit Card Benefits

  • It does not charge the over-the-limit penalty.
  • Round the clock customer care access.
  • Unlimited usage of the card
  • Matrix credit card app offers a free credit report in your monthly statement.
  •  Instant decision on an application.
  • As opposed to most other credit card types, individuals with bad or low credit score can apply for the card.


  • You can monitor your card transaction online for free.
  • Annual fee of $96
  • Not open to new applicants currently
  • No sign-up bonus
  • A foreign transaction fee of 3%.

What are the credit card application requirements?

You must supply your official names, date of birth, social security number, physical address, and an estimated gross monthly income when you apply for the card using Matrix credit card login.

How to apply for the Matrix Credit Card?

It is very easy to apply for the matrix credit card using the online web portal.  your activities on the card are reported to the 3 bureaus every month. You can, therefore, easily get updated transactions on your credit card every month from any of the 3 bureaus

Credit card approval process and activation and application status 

  • Processing time: Once you make an application for the card, the issuer makes an instant decision whether you qualify for the card or not. But in some instances, the issuer may need a few days to collate additional data required to complete your application. If you have bad credit then the process will take longer than expected time.
  • Application status: You can check your application status by calling the number written on your application form. You must use the phone number listed in your registration document to make the call.

How to check balance or balance transfer?

You can call to check your credit card balance and make payment via a check. You can also use the app to make online payments as well as transfer cash.

How to increase the credit limit?

The card helps increase your credit score. You should pay your bills on time, use credit just when it’s necessary, maintain only one or two credit cards, reduce your debts, and build a credit history of timely matrix credit card payment 


Credit card reader: Matrix Mastercard doesn’t have a smart chip, so it can’t be used on credit card readers.

Customer service?

Continental Finance Limited manages matrix Mastercard customer care. You can reach them through phone, mail, and online to report your lost/stolen card, make inquiries as well as make payments.

How to cancel/closing the credit card?

You access your app to review the method stated on the cardholder agreement to cancel the use of your card when you log into the Continental online assistance portal.

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