Everything you should know about the Mercury Credit Card [ Services | application | review ]

The First Bank & Trust located in Brookings, South Dakota, issues the Mercury Mastercard. But it’s marketed by CreditShop, which promotes the card as the Mercury Card Service (Mercury Credit Card).  

The credit card offers customer-friendly financial products to more than half a million subscribers spread all over the US. It’s ideal for the practical, hard-working middle class, eager to enhance their credit ratings but doesn’t care much about benefits.

The card doesn’t impose many penalties evident in other credit cards. Besides, it offers reasonable interest charges. The downturn is that it does not provide many benefits and rewards for its usage. Luckily, you can use it to fuel, shop, and travel. You gain from its overdraft protection and versatile app. 

The Mercury Card has the following features: 

  • Meant for people with average credit scores
  • Participation by invitation only
  • APR 25.9% to 27.9%
  • No annual renewal fee
  • Cash advance APR of 27.9% to 29.9%
  • How to do the bills payment or settlement: You can settle bills quickly online via the Mercury card login
  • Credit score: Prefer scores ranging from 575 to 675. 
  • Amex, visa or master card availability: It works on the Mastercard network. 

Mercury Card benefits

  • No annual renewal fee (the limited credit card  also  free of renewal fees )
  • Automatic credit limit increment
  • Provides accounts balance transfer, foreign transactions, and cash advance
  • Free credit limit notification 
  • Online 24/7 customer care support  
  • Convenient mobile app


  • A high late fee of $38
  • Offer by invitation only 
  • High charges on foreign transactions, late payment, and cash advance

What are the Mercury Card application requirements?

You must receive an invitation from Mercury Card Service with a code to join the club. They use the available credit score to evaluate your eligibility. So most probably, the card issuer already has your name, SSN, past credit performance, as well as your physical contacts before they offer you an invitation. 

Mercury Credit Card approval process and activation and application status 

  • Processing time: Once you have filed your preapproved invitation, you typically wait for five days to receive your cards in the mail.  
  • Application status: You get a confirmation of your application status via mail. But the Mercury Card Service rarely declines your application since you are just accepting their invitation to receive their card offer in the first place. you can access the account after Mercury Credit Card login or using creditshop  login. 

 How to check balance or balance transfer?

When you initiate Mercury Card login, you can check your balance, set your notification, and implement balance transfer. 

How to increase the credit limit?

The card helps increase your credit score. Clearing your pending bills helps to improve your credit report while also increase your credit limit. Several cardholders have enjoyed a credit increment of up to $2,000.  

Credit card reader: 

The card doesn’t have the modern EMV chip to detect any credit card reader.

Customer service?

Call Mercury card phone number for assistance. You can call them via a toll-free telephone call round the clock. Further, contact them via mail or personal visit. These avenues make it easy to tackle problems arising from card usage as well as payment with the card.    

How to cancel/closing the credit card?

You can cancel your card by contacting the Mercury card customer care service.  


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