All You Need To Know About Meriwest Credit Card [ Review ]

Meriwest Credit Card is issuing by the Meriwest Credit Union. Not to mention, Meriwest has different credit cards under different scopes. You have the opportunity to select the best card suits your condition. It does not matter which card you choose. Some of the benefits are available on all cards for your convenience. 

Moreover, Meriwest Credit Union started in May 1961. In addition to that, 214 full-time employees are working inside the company. In 2017 they earned 4 out of five stars for safety and soundness. It provides payment cards as well as additional financial services. In addition to that, Meriwest offers free online banking, free bill pays mortgages with little money down, etc.

As I mentioned earlier, below are the credit card options offering by the Meriwest.

  • Cash Rewards American Express Card
  • Travel Rewards American Express Card
  • Visa Signature Bonus Rewards PLUS Card
  • Visa Platinum Card
  • Secured Visa Card

 Each card has different types of rewards, offers, and earnings. The summarized view is as below.

Rates and Fees

Rates Card Type
Cash Travel Signature Platinum Secured
Intro APR 0% – first 6 billing cycles 0% – first 6 billing cycles 0% – first 6 billing cycles 0% – first 12 billing cycles N/A
Regular APR 11.99%-22.99% (variable) 11.99%-22.99% 11.99%-22.99% 9.99%-20.99% 20.99% (variable)
Intro APR for Balance Transfers 0% – first 6 billing cycles 0% – first 6 billing cycles 0% – first 6 billing cycles 0% – first 12 billing cycles N/A
Annual Fee N/A $95 $50 N/A $35
Foreign Trans: Fee N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

Meriwest Credit Card Requirements

As an average value, you need at least 630 as the credit score to apply for a Meriwest credit card. Not only that, but also, you should be a resident in the United States. Apart from that, your age must be at least 18 years. Most importantly, the applicant should hold a valid identity card along with a valid Social Security Number.

Benefits of Meriwest Credit Cards

  • For the Cash Rewards card, they give 3% cashback out of eligible purchases from TV, phone services, and supply stores.
  • For eligible gasoline and restaurant net purchases, they give 2% of cashback.
  • For the net purchases, they give 1% cashback.
  • After the first purchase, you will receive a $25 cashback.
  • For the Travel Rewards card, after the first purchase, they give you 7,500 bonus points. 
  • In addition to that, they give $75 cashback option, gift cards as well as travel savings.
  • No foreign transaction fee is including in the Travelcard.( Edward Jones Credit Card travel accident credit card )
  • For all the eligible purchases, they offer different points.
  • In Signature Bonus Card, they offer a $50 cash back option after the first purchase.
  • You can redeem your earned points, starting by 2,500.
  • In Visa Platinum Card includes auto rental collision damage waiver, zero fraud liability, and extended warranty coverage.
  • Secured Visa Card also receives an auto rental collision damage waiver, zero fraud liability, and extended warranty coverage.


  • Some types of credit cards require an annual fee.
  • APR will go up after the Intro period.
  • A higher credit score is requiring to apply for a card.

How to apply for the Meriwest Credit Card?

You may apply for the credit card through the online web portal. To fill the application, you must enter the personal details, income details, housing information as well as employment history. After accepting terms and conditions, your application is ready for submission.

All your balance transfers are possible through the credit card account app. In addition to that, you can check the online credit card balances. 

Most importantly, cardholders can use the Meriwest cards with the support of Apple Pay®, Google PayTM, Samsung Pay® applications.

Customer Service

Please call the below number during business hours to solve your issues regarding credit cards as well as the concerns of increasing the credit limit.

  • 1-877-637-4937

How to Cancel?

You require to contact the institute to cancel the credit card. After paying all the outstanding amounts, you may end the process.

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