Why Is Everyone Talking About Penfed Credit Card [Review ]

Pentagon Federal Credit Union is a massive union comprising mostly of the Pentagon staff. Thus it’s no wonder that the association offers credit facilities to all its members. The best way to manage this function is through the issuance of the PenFed Credit card. 

The card is reserved for the US military and uniformed officers as well as the Federal Government employees. But relatives of the mentioned person can also register for the card. 

Application is easy with over 50 locations, so you need to visit a Penfed near you. You will enjoy the benefits derived by over 1.5 million members using various cards at a starting credit line of $500.  

For the five options of the Penfed credit cards, you pay for fuel, mortgage, auto-loans, travels, shopping, and restaurants. What does the Penfed credit card offer? 

  • Allows foreign transactions
  • Zero intro APR on balance transfers from other cards

Regular APR of between 12.74% and 17.99%

$100 credit on yearly air travel

Very low-interest rate of 8.99% on Gold Visa card

  • Amex, visa or master card availability: Affiliates with Visa platform

Penfed Credit Card Benefits

  • Intro reward of $250 on balance transfer from another card
  • Sign up bonus
  • Welcome offer of up to 25,000 points for the first three months 
  • High reward points – 3x for grocery, 5x on gas, and 1x on other purchases


  • Promotion rewards for a limited time

What are the Penfed Credit Card application requirements?

Basically, you need to be an employee for uniformed forces or the federal government to get the Penfed credit card pre-approval automatically. Alternatively, you need to be related to these staff. But even if you are an ordinary citizen, you can still secure these cards, provided that you first join the Penfed Credit Union. 

Next, you should fill in the application detailing your name, phone number, email, and address. Once you open a Penfed account, you become eligible for the card application. 

Approval process and activation and application status 

  • Processing time: It takes about a week. For some stations, it’s almost available on the same day after the application approval. 
  • Application status: You can track your credit application status using the Penfed Credit mobile banking app. But worry not, for your Penfed credit card approval odds are high once you have fulfilled the Penfed Credit Union membership requirements.

How to check balance or balance transfer?

Use your banking app to check your balance online. The app also allows you to transfer balances from other credit cards into your Penfed credit cards. 

How to increase the credit limit? The Penfed credit card uses TransUnion as their preferred CRB for credit information. Hence you get a chance to improve your credit rating using this card.

Penfed credit card reviews report your transactions to CRBs. Thus proper card transaction management is essential. 

Credit card reader: The high-security card features an EMV chip. Thus it is compatible with a card reader. 

Customer help?

You may call the Penfed credit card toll-free line for assistance. Besides, you can contact customer support online using any device.  

How to cancel/closing the credit card?

Using your Penfed credit cards login, browse to the “Contact Us” section, your membership details should pop up. After confirming that the details are accurate, request to close your account. recommended meriwest credit union credit card  meriwest credit card