Here’s What No One Tells You About Plaza Tire Credit Card [Review]

If you are looking for a service card for your vehicle, Plaza Tire Credit Card is worth of trying. It is a product offering by the Credit First National Association (CFNA). Additionally, the card will help you with services for your wheels and tires, as well as general maintenance services. Anyway, Plaza Tire is a credit card that does not collaborate with Visa, MasterCard, or Amex.

Furthermore, CFNA is a store credit card issuing agency, along with the auto industry. CFNA initially started its operations in 1993. In the meantime, they are providing consumer credit solutions as well as customized retail credit services.  

Repairing services, oil change benefits are some of the other facilities that the card is providing to the customers. Currently, their service centers situated in Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, and Arkansas.

Plaza Tire Credit Card Rates & Fees

  • The Annual Percentage Rate for the Purchases is 28.8%. The rate is not a fixed value and will change due to the market changes.
  • The minimum interest charge is $2.
  • Penalty Fee for the Late Payments and the Returned Payments is applicable up to $40.
  • No foreign transaction fee is available under the card.
  • No Cash Advance fee or APR.


Unfortunately, the requirements are not mentioned clearly for the credit card. However, according to the customer reviews, the below points need to complete by the applicant.

  • Resident in the United States.
  • Should possess a valid identity card and a valid Social Security Number.
  • At least the age must be 18 years.


  • No annual fee is requiring to pay for the credit card.
  • An Easy application process is available for the applicants.
  • Various stress-free financing options are available for the cardholders.
  • Low monthly payments are applicable.
  • If you pay your due amount in 6 months, you will get a deferred interest.
  • Online access to your credit card account.


  • No foreign transactions are possible through the Plaza credit card.
  • Advanced payment options are not available for the cardholders.
  • No sign-up bonus applies to the new joiners.
  • Visa, MasterCard, or Amex benefits are not including in the card.
  • You will be able to use the card in limited places.

Tips for the Approval on your Application

You will be able to find the Plaza Tire credit card application by visiting the Plaza Tire Service official website. It is a must to submit the correction information to get approval for your credit card.

You should provide personal information, employment details, income information, as well as housing information. After checking the accuracy, you are ready to apply for the credit card. Your application process and the status can review by calling 800.321.3950. 

Through the online account access facility, you will receive a personal Plaza Tire credit card loginThrough that login, all your credit card payments, including Plaza Tire bill pays, are possible to settle online. On the other hand, you are not capable of processing balance transfers through the credit card.

Additionally, to increase your credit limit, please get assistance from the customer service, by calling 800-321-3950. They will help you to resolve issues regarding the credit card.

How to Cancel?

It is compulsory to contact the bank to cancel your Plaza Tire service credit card. Before that, you must settle all the outstanding balances of your credit card. 

Does the Plaza Tire Credit Card suit you?

It will be easier for you to having a vehicle service center next to your doorstep. So, if you are a usual customer of Plaza Tire Center, the card will save your money with repair and maintenance.

On the other hand, if you do not own a vehicle or a person who lives outside the service areas of the Plaza Tire, you better think twice before applying for a credit card. if you are looking for an alternative credit card then Quick Lane Credit Card is my recommendation for you.

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