Apply for the QuickBooks Credit Card [Review ]

Being an owner of a small or medium business, you understand how tedious accounting is. You may or may not have come across QuickBooks Accounting software. But did you know that this program integrates credit card transactions?

If not, then try updating your QuickBooks with credit card processing features. The Green Dot Bank issues and manages this card with a license from Visa. From simplicity, technology to safety, the card offers many benefits to your business and its stakeholders.  

You can apply for the card online and use it to make payment online. And it’s not limited to your computer only. The card is compatible with pads and other mobile devices so that you can transact on the go. 

Besides, the software also accepts other credit cards. So, what are the characteristics of handling the QuickBooks credit card payments? We detail these are below:   

QuickBooks Credit card Benefits

  • Simple pricing methods. Choose from either one-time or multiple monthly  QuickBooks credit card payment 
  • Faster payment: Using Pay Now Link to online platforms
  • Electronic invoicing
  • Instantaneous reconciliation of invoices and payments
  • Direct Bank credit
  • Full application: Accept payment from all licensed credit cards without differing charges 
  • Enhanced transaction security: Encoded password and skype verification allows your bank-level security level
  • 24/7 payment support: You will never get stuck with your payment processing
  • Free features like real-time payment requests, e-invoicing, and payment account for free.
  • No monthly annual charges or setup fees


  • Some charges higher than bank fees  
  • Complicated and confusing to non-accounting staff
  • Varied QuickBooks credit card processing fees – 1% bank transfer, 2.4% swiped a card, 2.9% invoiced, and 3.4% keyed invoices.

What are the credit card application requirements?

Setting up a QuickBook credit card payment option is easy. Follow the six steps to start accepting credit card payments:

  • Go to Settings and select Chart of Accounts
  • Select New Account
  • Click on the credit card then add a new account window
  • Record the credit card name
  • Select when you want to start tracking the account in QuickBooks  ( QuickBooks credit card login )

Credit card approval process and activation and application status 

  • Processing time: It takes just a few minutes to process card payments. 
  • Application status: You can contact the Intuitive online support team for help in understanding the QuickBooks credit card payment how to record. 

How to check balance or balance transfer?

Perform a QuickBooks credit card processing online process to check your balance using any mobile devices. You can also transfer s from your checking account into the credit card.   

How to increase the credit limit? 

The QuickBooks credit card payment enables you to raise your credit rank quickly. It reports your transactions to credit reference bureaus, thus enhance your credit history by using this feature.

Credit card reader: The credit card reader comes as a separate stand-alone device that simplifies QuickBooks credit card processing online. To get your QuickBooks credit card reader, register for the Merchant Services at the Merchant Service Centre at the Account Menu.

Customer service?

Connect to QuickBooks customer care service via 1-800-446-8848. You may also text the support team or post a question to the online community.     

How to cancel the credit card?

To end the use of your QuickBooks credit card by going back to the setting and clicking on the Accounts chart. Use the drop-down menu on the far right and click delete. This procedure deactivates the account.