Truth About Quiktrip Credit Card [Review]

Touring and visiting new places can be thrilling. You enjoy a good time with your family, explore exotic meals, and marvel at nature. But then, you need to fuel your car for such excursions. And any credit you get on gas and provisions as a welcome convenience. 

Pick the Quiktrip credit cards for this purpose. You will enjoy huge discounts on fuel. What’s more, the points you earn don’t expire and entitles you to an automatic gift once the points hit $10. While using the card, you harness the financing strength of the First National Bank – who services this facility.  

This purchasing card allows you around-the-clock usage as well as real-time management of your account. These benefits afford you more time to plan your next trips. But what are the reasons why you should seriously consider having this card? We look at factors that could influence your quiktrip credit card to create an account decision as below:

  • No annual renewal fees
  • Secure online card management
  • 24/7 online shopping
  • Shopping point for each $1 spent
  • 21 days interest-free credit

Quiktrip Credit Card Credit card benefits

  • Accepts low credit rating
  •  Accepted in all Quiktrip fuel pumps
  • Offers 5% cashback in QT provision stores
  • Redeem point for $10 QT gift
  • Convenient quiktrip credit card login online
  • Secure payment method
  • Allows late payment and returned payments
  • Discounted fuel during the first two cycles


  • Accepted only Quicktrip gas stations  
  • No notification of due payments
  • No cash advance
  • High APR of 25.74%
  • Points redeemable on limited merchandise
  • Some banks don’t process the payment electronically

What are the Quiktrip Credit Card application requirements?

For a secure Quiktrip credit card apply online, fill in your details on the portal. These include your names, DoB, ZIP, and SIN. The process is straightforward. Even though they check your credit history, the card accepts your application, even with a low credit score.    

Credit card approval process and activation and application status 

  • Processing time: You need about two weeks to secure your card after your application. 
  • Application status: You can check your Quiktrip credit card create account status by calling 877-349-9226 and quoting your application reference number for a quick follow-up.   

How to check balance or balance transfer?

You can check your Quiktrip credit card balance online using the login PIN. Alternatively, you may call too free 1-800-247-3452 for balance inquiries and transfers.    

How to increase the credit limit? 

You increase your Quiktrip credit card limit by applying for a credit ceiling increment. Unfortunately, the use of this card doesn’t report to any credit reference bureau, so it doesn’t necessarily help you to build your credit score.

Credit card reader: The card does not have an EMV chip necessary to facilitate credit card reading.   

Customer service?

The First Bank of Omaha manages customer support for the Quiktrip credit card reviews. But there are numerous complaints on difficulties about accessing the number. Further, support calls are automated and on auto-responses, though some people prefer to talk to humans than machines.    

How to cancel the credit card?

You can terminate the use of your QuikTrip credit cards by calling the customer care service at the Frist bank of Omaha or depositing your card at the QT gas station. But you must first clear your due before surrendering the card. recomended fule credit cards are   Good Sam Credit Card, matrix credit card