The Ultimate Revelation Of RCI Credit Card [ Review ]

RCI credit card is also one of the products by the Barclays Bank which is available in the market nowadays. It is a MasterCard. Since RCI Credit holders can enjoy all the benefits relevant to MasterCard. Especially, the RCI credit card helps you with traveling and shopping.(HSBC cash rewards MasterCard  is also travel-related credit card )

Moreover, Barclays Bank is in Wilmington, United States. Barclays has customers and clients across 40 countries.

Initially, they started their business in 1690. They have partnerships with retail, affinity institutions, travel as well as entertainment parties in the United States.

They launched their first credit card in 1966. Most importantly, they introduced the world’s first automatic teller machine in 1967.

In 2005 Barclays acquired Juniper Bank and created Barclaycard US. In 2009 Barclaycard was in the best 10 credit card issuers in the United States. Finally, the company rebranded its name to Barclays.

RCI Credit Card Rates and Fees

  • The Annual fee applicable for the card is zero. ( Recommended cashback and no annual fee credit card: Ally Credit Card  )
  • No transaction fee is applicable for foreign transactions.
  • The Introductory Balance Transfer offer will be 0% for 15 billing cycles. After that, the rate will be 17.24%. 22.4% or 27.4%. (vary upon the market conditions)
  • The Cash Advance Annual Percentage Rate is 27.49%. (variable)
  • Cash Advance Fee is 5% or $10, whichever is greater.
  • Penalty Annual Percentage Rate does not apply to the card.
  • Late Fee is applicable up to $39.
  • Returned Payment Fee is up to $39.
  • No additional card annual fee is applicable.
  • Regular Balance Transfer Annual Percentage Rate is 17.24%. 22.4% or 27.4%.
  • Balance Transfer Fee is 3% of the transferor $5, whichever is greater.

RCI Credit Card Requirements

The United States residents are eligible to apply for the card with an identity card and a valid Social Security Number. In addition to that, the minimum age for applying is 18 years. If you are having a credit score higher than 580, every requirement is completed.


  • On each dollar spent on RCI purchases, the cardholder will earn 5× points.
  • On all eligible travel purchases, the cardmember earns 2× points per dollar.
  • For all the other eligible purchases you will have 1× per dollar.
  • There is an introductory bonus. Which is 2,500 bonus rewards after your first purchase?
  • After spending $10,000 in a year, the cardholder is eligible to earn a vacation credit of $250.
  • In your redemption process will have 5% of rewards back to the account.


  • Reward points will expire after 4 years.
  • Requires a higher credit score for the card.
  • Discouraging foreign transactions. Because of the 3% transaction charge.
  • The Balance transfer fee is 3%.

How to Apply for the RCI Credit Card [ Approval & Application ]?

First, the applicant should go to the RCI Elite Rewards MasterCard website. Then complete the personal information such as an address, annual income as well as social security number. After signing the terms and conditions you are ready to apply. If your application got denied they will inform you through the website. By calling the bank, the applicant will be able to check the process status of the application. Through the online account service, all the balance transfers and balance checks are possible. The RCI Credit members can log in to their accounts and request for a credit increase.

Customer Service

There is a 24*7 customer service. Since the customers can solve their problems regarding credit cards at any time. There is an online chat portal available. If you are familiar with the process, you may follow that. The customer service number as follows.

  • 1-877-58-8742

How to Cancel?

The credit cardholder can log in to their online account and send a message to the company. Include what is a requirement and they will help you to process the credit card closure.

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