The Truth About Santander Credit Card Is About To Be Revealed

Santander Credit Card is one of the products from the Santander Bank which has a high demand in the current world. There are four types of cards. They are,

  • Santander Zero Credit MasterCard
  • Santander Everyday Credit Card MasterCard
  • Santander All in One Credit Card MasterCard
  • Santander World Elite MasterCard

Santander Bank is a subsidiary of the Spanish Santander Group. And also, the business located in Boston. The Northeastern United States is the principal market of Santander Bank.

Currently, Timothy H. Wennes is the Chief Executive Officer. Moreover, as in 2017 9,800 workers are working in the company. Not to mention, Santander Consumer USA, SANTANDER BANCORP, and Meridian Capital Group are few subsidiaries owned by the company.

Santander Credit Card Rates and Fees


Card Type

Zero Credit Everyday Credit All in One World Elite
Purchases 0% for 12 months reverting to 18.9% 0% for 3 months reverting 18.9% 0% for 26 months reverting to 15.9% 0% for 18 months reverting to 18.9%
Balance Transfers 0% for 1 months reverting to 18.9% 0 for 18 months reverting 18.9% 0% for 26 months reverting to 15.9% 0% for 18 months reverting to 18.9%
Annual/Monthly Fee £0 £0 £3 per month £15 per month
Rep. APR 18.9%(variable) 18.9%(variable) 21.7%(variable) 49.8%(variable)
Retail Offers 5 welcome offers up to 25% cashback 5 welcome offers up to 25% cashback 0.5% after £1 of monthly spend cashback 0.5% on £1 to £3000 of monthly spend cashback


Benefits of Santander Credit Cards

  • Cashback offers on every card is available.
  • Every card provides an interest-free purchase period. Not only for purchases as well as Balance Transfers.
  • Most of the Santander cards are suitable for international spending especially because of the waiving fees.
  • All the credit cards are using MasterCard Secure code and verified by Visa to guarantee security. 
  • Full accessibility available for online and mobile banking including mobile banking app, texts, as well as email alerts.
  • All the cards are regulating under the Financial Conduct Authority and Consumer Credit Act.
  • All the cards can have up to three additional cardholders 

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  • £3 of minimum charge for foreign cash transactions is another disadvantage of the cards
  • In Zero Credit Card, 0% on balance transfers is available. But it is valid only for one month
  • In World Elite Card there is 8% APR Representative.
  • A £15 monthly fee is required in World Elite
  • Another drawback of World Elite is there is a minimum credit limit of £2,000.

Santander Credit Card requirements are as follows.

In the first place, the applicant must be a resident in the United States. In addition to that he/she should have a Social Security Number and a valid government ID. The minimum age limit is 18 years. Finally, the required credit score is 750 or greater value than that.

How to apply for the Santander Credit Card?

Like other Credit cards, you can Santander Credit Card apply online. If it is not possible, the applicant can apply from their nearest branch of Santander Bank. The online process will take as little as 10 minutes. It is a must to provide your details, household details.

The most important thing is the employment details and income information. Another additional information required is the address history for three years. If all the requirements are completed, your card will process under 10 office days.

All the Bill Payments and Settlements can process online by logging into your Credit Card Account. The availability of an online balance check is another plus point of the card.

If you require an increased credit limit, you may write a request to the bank mentioning the requirement.

In addition to that, Credit card reader facility is available for the Santander Credit Card

Customer Service

If anyone needs assistance in relevant to credit cards, they can call 0 800 9 123 123 number and clarify the issues. And also, there is an Automated service in which you can get details as well.

How to Cancel the Santander Credit Card?

By calling the number 877-768-2265 the cardholder can request to cancel the credit card. The bank is waiting for a call because they can offer another option for the cardholders.

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