All You Need To Know About Sierra Club Credit Card [login | review ]

Sierra Club Credit Card is one of the products in the TCM Bank. It provides more benefits and rewards comparing other credit cards.

Significantly, the card is supporting Sierra Club’s work such as Protecting wildlands, air, and water free from pollution and clean energy future. If you are a Sierra Club card member, all the Visa benefits can enjoy through the card.

Moreover, TCM Bank situated in Florida, United States. the parent organization is ICBA Bancard. TCM bank working as a trusted advisor to community banks, to help with creating strong customer relationships through credit card programs.

Furthermore, the other services of TCM are Portfolio Acquisition, Product Development, and Agent Bank Sponsoring Choices. Initially, they started their operations in 1990. Their mission is “Is to support ICBA, Community Banks, our Agents, and our customers by providing the most satisfying credit card related services ever”.

Sierra Club Credit Card Rates and Fees

  • The annual fee is zero.  ( ABOC Credit Card , Blair Credit Card are also zero annual fee credit cards)
  • The Regular Annual Percentage Rate (APR) applicable is 16.99% – 25.74%. (variable)
  • A 3% cashback is available in the first year. 
  • The Balance Transfer Charge is not applicable for the card.
  • No Transfer Fee.
  • The APR for purchases and balance transfers will be set between 10.24% – 20.24%.
  • The Introductory Annual Percentage Rate is zero.


In the first place, the applicant must be a resident in the United States. In addition to that he/she should have a Social Security Number and a valid government ID. The minimum age limit is 18 years. Most importantly, the required credit score for the card is 690-719

Benefits of Sierra Club Credit Card

  • No money needs to spend on the annual fee.
  • The advantage of a cashback reward.
  • Acceptability – Advantage of using the card anywhere if they are accepting Visa Credit Cards.
  • Travel Accident Insurance – all the credit holders have the right to claim the insurance.
  • Another benefit is they can redeem their reward to travel and merchandise.
  • No balance transfer charge applies to the card.

Throwbacks of Sierra Club Credit Card

  • No fuel or gas reward. 
  • The Sign-up bonus is not available.

( ABOC Credit Card offer $150 signup bonus  condition applied *)

How to apply?

To apply for a card, you should visit the Sierra Club Credit Card web page. Then click the Apply Now button. After that, the applicant can fill your personal information. First name, last name, mother’s maiden name, and email address are some of them.

Then he/she has to put your details about the address history of the residence. In the end, employment information should be filled out. Finally, you can provide an authorized user. By signing terms and conditions the application is ready to proceed.

The bank will give feedback within two weeks. In addition to that, the Processing time and the Application status can review online.        

The balance of the account can review online. And the balance transfers are also possible to perform online.

Customer Service

If you have issues regarding the credit card, please give a call to 415-977-5653, they will help to overcome the problem. The same process is applicable if you lost the credit card by chance. And also, they will help you to increase the credit limit as well.

How to cancel?

To cancel the credit card, the credit card holder must contact the customer service department. The number is mentioned below. 

  • 1-866-52-1637

The outstanding balance of the card must be zero when canceling the card.

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