The Ultimate Revelation Of Smith’s Credit Card [Review]

The US Bank is one of the largest banks in the United States. Initially, in 1968, the US Bank started its operations. Not to mention, the headquarters located in MinneapolisMinnesota, United States. Smith’s Credit Card is also one of its products in the portfolio. The card is holding the MasterCard benefits.

Furthermore, Andrew Cecere is the Current Chief Financial Officer of the US Bank. Presently, they have more than 69,000 employees. In addition to that, Elan Financial Services, Elavon, Syncada, and the talech are the subsidiaries of the bank. Moreover, we can list down their products and services below.

  • Commercial banking
  • Private banking
  • Retail banking
  • Financial analysis
  • Investment banking
  • Private equity
  • Credit cards

Rates & Fees 

  • The Annual Percentage Rate for the purchases is 11.99% to 23.99%. The rate can change due to market conditions.
  • The Annual Percentage Rate for the Balance Transfers is 11.99% to 23.99%. This also will be changing due to the prime rate and market conditions.
  • For cash advances, the Annual Percentage Rate is 25.24%.
  • There is no Penalty Annual Percentage Rate available.
  • The minimum interest charge is $2.
  • No Annual Fee is not applicable for the card.
  • The Foreign Transaction Fee is also not applicable to the card.
  • The Transaction Fee for the Balance Transfers is 4% of the transfer amount or $19, whichever is greater.
  • The bank will charge up to $39 as the Late Payment Fee.
  • The Returned Payment Fee is $35.

Requirements of the Ivan Smith Credit Card

Specifically, the required credit score is 670-850. Most importantly, the applicant should be a resident of the United States. Apart from that, he /she must possess a valid government ID and a Social Security Number. The minimum age limit is 18 years.

Advantages of Smith’s MasterCard

  • The cardholders are eligible for a gas discount in the first year.
  • In addition to that, you can have a 2% discount on groceries.
  • There is a point collection system for credit card users. This is how it works.
    • You will receive one point on each dollar you by credit card.
    • The points will increase by 100% for the purchases from the Kroger Family of Companies.
    • If the cardholder spends money on Kroger Family of Companies Own Brand Products, you can earn 3 points for each dollar.
  • No need to waste money on the Annual Fees.
  • Besides, Travel and Lifestyle benefits are including in the card.
  • A Cellular Wireless Telephone Protection is also available in Smith’s MasterCard.
  • Especially under the Emergency benefits, the cardholders will get the Zero Fraud Liability benefit.

Disadvantages of Smith’s MasterCard

  • Comparatively, the points value is lower than other credit cards.
  • The only redemption option for the rewards is purchased from Kroger stores.

How to Apply for the Smith’s Credit Card?

The bank has given the advantage to apply online for credit cards. just apply for your smith’s credit card today. In addition to that, cardholders can settle their payments and balance transfers through the online account.

Customer Service

844-742-5810  This is the credit card customer service number of Smith’s Credit Card. Besides, applicants can visit for more information.

How to Cancel?

Credit card users can cancel their cards at any time you want. Most importantly, make sure that you have settled all the outstanding amounts before canceling the card. Dodge MasterCard and matrix credit card are recommended credit cards

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