The Limited Credit Card: Best Credit Card to Repair Your Credit History

The Limited Credit Card offered by  The Comenity Capital Bank.  the bank is a strong consumer banking entity famous for its robust IT infrastructure. Comenity is a significant player in the credit card business.

This credit card is designed for the regular The Limited store clients who want to repair their credit history while building their credit limits. The card is closed-looped, meaning that you can use it only at outlets accepting it.  

So What Are the Key Characteristics of the Card? 

  • The Limited Credit card has the standards and Premium card.
  • The Turbo prepaid card does not charge interest.
  • Free upgrade when you spend $800 in the first 12 months.
  • Can use the cards for a wide variety of shopping wherever the Limited Credit card payment is accepted.
  • Regular APR 25.24%.
  • How to make the bills payment or settlement: Bill payment at the store or using the Comenity website or app. 
  • Credit score: Allows for credit score increment and credit history improvement. 
  • Amex, visa or master card availability: It affiliates with Comenity Bank, so not very prevalent like the big networks.

The Limited Credit Card Benefits

  • No renewal fee.
  • Special birthday savings gift.
  • Special offers and rewards.
  • Earn 2 points for every dollar spent.
  • Free hem service for cloths bough at the Limited stores.
  • Manage your account online using your smartphone devices.


  • No signup bonus
  • No intro APR 
  • Points expire after 12 months if you don’t spend them.
  • You can only redeem points at the same store you purchased from.

What are the credit card application requirements?

To apply for the Limited Credit Card, you require the SSN, names, physical address, and email address. You can apply online and wait for the provider to verify your suitability for the same. They usually check your past credit as well as confirm your details before they respond to your application request.

Credit Card approval process and activation and application status

  • Processing time: It takes about two weeks once your application is approved to mail your card to your address.  
  • Application status: You may check your application status by typing in the social security number and your last name into the Comenity online portal. You will receive a status report on your card application. You could also call customer care to make this inquiry.

How to check balance or balance transfer?

You can check your balance online using your phone and transfer balance using the app. Alternatively, call customer care to assist you in paying the Limited credit card

How to increase the credit limit?

The Limited card periodically reviews your card transaction to evaluate your creditworthiness. Since another purpose of using the card is to improve your credit rating, you should be careful while using it. You should, therefore, use the card sparingly and don’t overspend beyond the limit. Another perfect way to ensure your grow your credit limit is to pay all bills when they fall due without delays. The customer care can also offer assistance to increase your limit upon request.  

Credit card reader: The Limited card doesn’t have a card reader chip; hence it can’t facilitate this function. 

Customer service?

The Limited Credit card has a fully functioning customer care center to address your complaints and queries. You can reach them via call, message, and email.  

How to cancel/closing the credit card?

Closing your credit card account is easy. You can contact the Limited Credit Card center using their toll-free and secure number 1-800-888-3257 to discuss the account closure process. You can also discreetly send a message via secure messaging center for this purpose.  

[ Note ] if you are the best to buy customer then you can apply for the Reward Zone MasterCard or if you are a hoppy lobby customer then you can apply for the Hobby Lobby Credit Card.

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